Monday, February 11, 2019

When Calls the Heart Blog Party ~ Day 1~ Intro

The party is finally here! This is mine and Faith's 3rd year co-hosting this fantastic party! We have such a blast doing it. :D
This week will consist of 6 days of When Calls the Heart fun on both my blog and on Faith's. There will be a wide range of When Calls the Heart posts. If anyone wants to jump in and join us by doing a post of your own, then feel free too. Just let the two of us know so we can check it out. :)

**Major spoilers to those who have not yet watched all 5 season plus the Christmas special of When Calls the Heart**

When Calls the Heart was actually a show I wasn’t really interested in.
Shortly after the movie When Calls the Heart came out in 2013 I watched it. It wasn’t exactly my favorite movie. I did enjoy it, but not something I really loved. I watched the behind the scenes feature and it was mentioned that there was going to be a TV show. Seeing as how the movie was not my new favorite by any means I didn’t care about the TV show. In the summer of 2014, after season 1 had aired on TV, my dad picked up the DVD version A Telling Silence. I enjoyed it more then I thought I would and was excited when we bought the first one, Lost and Found. Not too long after that we bough the third DVD installment The Dance. I can safely say I was totally hooked from then on. Now I’ve seen all 5 season plus the new season 6 Christmas special. I got some of my friends interested in When Calls the Heart and now we have a tradition of having a When Calls the Heart marathon each spring. Faith was another friend that I really wanted to see the show. I told her quite a few time how great it was and in the fall of 2016 she gave it a try! Faith is the one person who loves the show as much as I do. We talk about it a ton, hence the blog party. ;) So that’s my little “history” of my favorite TV show. I’ve been in love with this show since the summer 2014.
Season 6, here I come!
Jack and Elizabeth are SO adorable! <3 Here are just a few of my favorite Jack and Elizabeth moments:

 First Kiss

New Years  

 Helping Elizabeth with her new place 

 "Rival" coaches. ;) Jack and Elizabeth coach a baseball game 

 One of the sweetest moments in When Calls the Heart history 

So sweet! 

The long anticipated wedding! 

This year with the party we are doing something we've never done before. A giveaway! I'm pretty excited about this. :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Don't forget to head on over and check out Faith's post! You won't want to miss it!


  1. Fun Fun! The giveaway is really cool! I'm looking forward for more WCTH party posts! <3

    1. Yay!! I'm glad that you're enjoying the party, Brooklyne!! :D

  2. Hooray! :D I'm glad you finally convinced me to give the show a try too. I remember seeing the first three DVDs on sale for like $5 on CBD and getting them "just to try." By the end of the week, I'd ordered the rest of the season and Season 2. xD
    Looking forward to a fun week!

    1. Yes, I'm so glad you started watching the show! I remember when you told me you bought those first ones and I was super excited. (you can ask my family ;)) Eeps! I'm so glad that we both love this show. I so love chatting about it with you. :D
      I'm looking forward to this week as well!! =)