Wednesday, February 14, 2018

When Calls the Heart Blog Party ~ Day 3 ~ Jack and Elizabeth Moments

💕Happy Valentine's Day!!! 💕 I hope you all have a fun day! I also hope you're having fun with the blog party!

When Calls the Heart season 5 starts in just a couple days!!! I simply cannot wait to see where this 5th season will go!!

Jack and Elizabeth are such a nice couple. I always like it when the couple doesn’t always get along at first, but then end up falling in love. Jack and Elizabeth have definitely had their ups and downs though. There was some tension between the two in season 2, but they were thankfully able to get past that.
Today I am going to be talking about some of my favorite Jack and Elizabeth moments.

Season 1:

~Jack takes Elizabeth to dinner at Abigail’s Cafe and they dance.

~Jack comes by the saloon when Elizabeth is cleaning up after he school day and says, “Take a walk with me.” Jack then takes her out by the lake and gives her the picture he drew of the two of them. They also have their first kiss!

Season 2:

After a lot of tension between Jack and Elizabeth they have a heart to heart talk in the mine.

Season 3:

The camping trip that Jack and Elizabeth take the school children on.

Jack gets hurt in the mud slide and Elizabeth diligently sticks by his side hoping that he will recover.

Season 4:

When Jack and Elizabeth aren't able to go to the Mountie Christmas Ball, but Jack puts together his own Mountie Christmas Ball.

Jack and Elizabeth organize a baseball game for the school children and they each coach a team.

Jack proposes to Elizabeth!! He gives her a letter that says, “Take a walk with me.” (That’s the same thing he said to her in that scene in season 1 where they have their first kiss!!)

What is one of your favorite Jack and Elizabeth moments?

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  1. Eeekkk! I’m working thtomorrow Pugh Season Three now, I can’t believe I haven’t watched it yet! I’m really enjoying it! Seaon Four is great! Another wonderful post! I can’t eiat for Season five!

    1. Season 3 is so fun! I really like that season and I’m so glad that you’re enjoying it. :)
      Thanks, Victoria! I’m glad that you’ve been enjoying the posts!
      Me either! I’m sure season 5 will be great!

  2. All these moments were so sweet!! :) I especially loved the one from the end of season 2. I also liked the times they're out in the boat—at the beginning of season 3 and at the end of A Telling Silence. ;) <3
    Love the pictures of the baseball teams! Great post! <3

    1. And yes, I'm super excited for season 5. ;D We actually started re-watching the entire series night before last! :D

    2. So many sweet times! <3
      Yes, those boat times were so sweet!
      Thanks! I’ve been having so much fun with the party!!
      Season 5 will be coming out super soon! :D
      Oh cool!! I’m re-watching the series too!

  3. Cool! You posted this at 2:14 a.m....Valentines Day!!