Tuesday, February 13, 2018

When Calls the Heart Blog Party ~ Day 2 ~ From Coal Valley to Hope Valley

Welcome to day 2 of the When Calls the Heart blog party!!

In season 1 the name of the town that When Calls the Heart takes place in was called Coal Valley. Coal Valley was a coal mining town, but after the mine disaster and the mine closed down it was no longer a coal mining town. The name of the town ended up changing to Hope Valley.
The name of the town isn't the only thing that has changed. The characters have changed as well.
Today I'm going to be talking about 6 characters that have been around since season 1 and how they have changed.

Elizabeth Thatcher:

When Elizabeth first arrived in Coal Valley you could definitely tell she was a city girl. ;) She had a harder time with teaching the children and making them interested in school. She also didn’t really care so much for a certain Mountie. ;) Well, now Elizabeth has adapted to frontier life quite well, she is adored by her school children and is engaged to Jack.
I’m hoping that maybe there might be a wedding in season 5.

Jack Thornton:

Jack never imagined himself in a small frontier town. He was looking for adventure. When he found out that Elizabeth’s father had something to do with his posting in Coal Valley he was not pleased. Coal Valley and the people there definitely grew on him. He almost left once because of a transfer, but was able to stay after all. I think life in Hope Valley has been more exciting than he thought it’d be. ;)
Jack is now engaged but he also led a new division up North and was gone for the last few episodes of season 4.
I’m super curious what all will happen with Jack in season 5.

Abigail Stanton:

Abigail is such a sweet lady. She has been through so much too. She lost her husband and son in the mine disaster.
She gives great advice to both Jack ad Elizabeth. Since then she has opened a cafe, was the ‘substitute’ mayor for awhile, and adopted Cody and Becky. Abigail also started going out with Bill Avery although that didn’t work out, and she is now with Frank Hogan. I’m curious where her love life will take her in season 5.

Rosemary LeVeaux Coulter:

Rosemary is the character that I think has changed the most. I really didn’t like her at all when she first showed up in town in the end of season 1. I didn’t like how she was trying to come between Jack and Elizabeth. Now I really like her! She is so funny and just a great addition to the show. I also think she is the most quotable character. ;) Her and Lee make such a sweet, cute couple!

Bill Avery:

Bill came to town to help investigate the mine disaster and him and Abigail started liking each other. Then it happened that Bill hadn’t been all that truthful with Abigail. Bill’s wife happened to show up in Hope Valley. Bill and Nora are now divorced, but Abigail is now with Pastor Frank. I’m not always sure what to think of Bill. Sometimes he can be really confusing and you don’t know what’s going on, but I think he makes a nice addition to the show.

Henry Gowen:

Mr. Gowen…He used to be in charge of the mining company, but when it closed down he ended up becoming mayor. Mr. Gowen is always causing trouble and he is not the greatest at all. He had to stop being mayor for awhile because he was under criminal investigation. He was able to sneak his way back into mayor though.
Mr. Gowen is actually starting to become quite the confusing character too. He has just barely begun to actually show that he just might have a heart. I’m very curious what will happen with him in season 5.

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  1. Ooo! I love Rosemary now. Before I didn’t like her because she liked Jack and it would have been terrible for Jack and Rosemary to get together! Great post!

    1. Rosemary is such a fun character now! Yes, it would definitely have been terrible for Jack and Rosemary to be together! Jack and Elizabeth were just meant for each other! ;)

  2. This post was so fun!! :D It's been so cool to see how everyone changes over the seasons. I think my favorite change in a character was Rosemary. She's super sweet now (and yes, SO quotable!!) and I just love her and Lee. <3 :D

    1. Thanks! I’m so glad you liked it, Faith!
      Rosemary would definitely be my favorite change too. :) Her and Lee are great! <3