Monday, February 12, 2018

When Calls the Heart Blog Party ~ Day 1 ~ Episode Review

Today is the day!! A couple weeks ago I mentioned that some fun stuff was coming to my blog and today is the start of that fun!
The When Calls the Heart blog party is back!!!! Last year Faith and I co-hosted this super fun party. We decided that being the Hearties that we are that we just had to do it again this year. :D The party will run for 6 days, starting today and ending on Saturday. Both Faith and I will be posting all six of those days. I am super excited to be doing this again!

~ Thank you to Faith for making these really fun graphics! ~

Today I am going to be doing a review/recap of one of my favorite episodes from season 4. If you're going by the 42 minute episodes then it is My Heart Will Go On. If you're going by the actual movie length ones then my review is of the last half of Heart of a Teacher. ;)

--If you have not seen all of the When Calls the Hearts then there will be major spoilers in these posts!!--

~So the last episode ended with Jack getting news that his Mountie friend, Doug, was killed in the line of duty and with Elizabeth trying to get her teaching job back.

~Elizabeth starts tutoring the children in the saloon. Mr. Stoneman happens to see and sees how good she is with the children.

~Jack talks to Lee about maybe going up North to fight.

~The school children write letters for Mr. Gowen to try and help Elizabeth get her job back. Abigail tells her that if the letters don’t work then the parents will pay her salary. Although Elizabeth is very touched she says no because she still needs to get her name cleared.

~Later Jack and Elizabeth are at Elizabeth's house reading the letters written by the children. Jack tries to tell Elizabeth that he has been asked to lead a new division up North, but Elizabeth tells him no.

~They get interrupted from their conversation though by Francine showing up. Francine finally decides that it's time to tell that what happened to Elizabeth with the school superintendent had also happened to her as well. They go to Mr. Gowen and Ray Wyatt and Elizabeth is able to get her job back!

~Jack talks with Frank about what's going on and tells him that he’s decided to go up North. 

Elizabeth happens to walk in right when Jack tells Franks that. Franks leaves to let Jack and Elizabeth talk alone. 

When Jack tells Elizabeth that the posting is indefinite she races from the church. Jack catches her but she tells him to leave her alone.

~Later that evening Elizabeth tells Abigail about what has been going on. Elizabeth says that she needs to talk to Jack. Abigail tells her that Jack came by earlier and left a note for Elizabeth. Elizabeth takes the letter, opens it and reads it. All it says is "Take a walk with me."

~Elizabeth gets up, and goes to the door. When Elizabeth opens the door of Abigail’s Cafe she is met with a beautiful scene that leads up to the most wonderful moment in When Calls the Heart. 

~Jack proposal to Elizabeth!!! 

I just love this part!! I've been waiting for a proposal for forever it seems. :) It was so romantic and sweet, especially after that emotional scene in the church.

~Jack and Elizabeth have a quick engagement party before Jack has to leave the next day. 

~A lot of the town gathers to say goodbye to Jack. After he starts to ride away Elizabeth runs after him and calls to him. Jack stops and comes back to her and gives her one final kiss before riding off.

~The school has their music recital. Elizabeth sings O Danny Boy (Jack’s favorite song) while Timmy plays the piano. As Elizabeth sings there are some reminiscent scenes of Jack and Elizabeth.

If you love When Calls the Heart as well, then feel free to join in the fun. You can post about anything When Calls the Heart related that you would like. If you do post, please let Faith and I know so that we can check it out too!

Now, please don't forget to go check out Faith's post!!


  1. EEPPS!! <3 This post and episode is just so sweet! :D The proposal and candles was sooo sweet and romantic. You've got lots of great pictures too!!
    Lovely review, m'dear! <3 This is going to be so fun! :D

    1. Yes, this episode is just the sweetest! <3 I know! All of the candles and that long anticipated proposal were definitely super sweet and romantic. :)
      Thanks, Faith! Yes, this is definitely going to be so fun!

  2. Another great post! I just recently watched Seaon Four and this was a great episode! I’ve been wearying forever for the proposal and wedding too! I can’t wait for Seaon five! Great job with this post!

    1. Thanks, Victoria, I’m glad you enjoyed it! :)
      This is one of my favorites! Yes, I’ve been waiting so long for the proposal! I hope there will be a wedding in season 5. :)