Saturday, February 18, 2017

When Calls the Heart Blog Party! ~ Day 6

Toady is the last day of the When Calls the Heart blog party. It has been so much fun!!! :)

I hope you all enjoyed mine and Faith's posts! I know that we both had a ton of fun as we partied like Hearties! ;)

Now I am going to leave you with a bunch of fun, random, When Calls the Heart pictures! Some of the pictures have a little caption and others don't.

I love how a lot of the episodes always start and end with Elizabeth writing in her journal. 

Frank and Cody praying for Becky's recovery. 

Moving in

Dinner in the jail! This part was so sweet!

Rosemary directs the children in the Founder's Day Play.

Elizabeth's cake that she made for the miner games and auction. I love how Jack and Billy Hamilton had a bidding war over her cake. 

Elizabeth giving Jack and Billy a talking to after they completely embarrassed her.

"Keep your man busy so he isn't in a tizzy."

Rosemary and Elizabeth presenting their chicken fried stake dinners to Jack.

Bill helping Cody grip the baseball the right way. 

I love this scene! Frank and Abigail are playing a game of darts and Frank's helping Abigail hold the dart right. Little does he know she's a pro at the game. ;)

"I never said I was a beginner."

 Finding the "Wanted" poster on the café door. 

Jack and Rip


Abigail: "Rosemary, you're stunning. Trust me"
Rosemary: "Really? Because I was going for breathtaking. I guess stunning will just have to do."

I hope all enjoyed this week as much as Faith and I did!! :D


  1. Eeps, so many wonderful pictures!!! :D
    I like how many shows start and/or end with Elzabeth writing in her journal too. :) The bidding war, Rosemary and Elizabeth's cooking, the dart game, the picture Jack drew (that part <3 <3), Frank and Abigail in the snow, and "stunning Rosemary". Ahhh, so much loveliness!! :D
    This party has been a blast, girl! :)

    1. Thanks, I had lots of fun doing a random picture post. ;)
      Starting the show off with Elizabeth writing in her journal is great! :) YES!! I love all of those parts!! :D This show is so wonderful.
      The party has definitely been a blast!! I had so much fun doing my posts and seeing all of yours, Faith! :)