Wednesday, March 17, 2021

The Multi-Media Tag

Today I am here with a fun tag! 
My friend, Brooklyne, is actually doing the same tag on her blog today so you should definitely check out her answers. 

 1 || a song that describes you some way
I'm not sure...

2 || a movie that inspires you
I Can Only Imagine. This movie is so good and has definitely inspired me. 

3 || a book that the main character is like you 
Katie McCoy from Katie in Waiting by Erynn Mangum. Katie and I are SO similar! 

4 || a song that you love
More Hearts Than Mine by Ingrid Andress is a great song!

5 || a movie that you love 
Beyond the Blackboard is a movie that I absolutely love! It is so amazing and I definitely recommend it. 

6 || a book that you love
A Gown of Spanish Lace by Janette Oke. If you haven't read this book then you are definitely missing out!

7 || a song you do not like
Reckless Love by Cory Asbury

8 || a movie you do not like 
I'm not a fan of the Hallmark movie called Love on a Limb. 

9 || a book you do not like
I wasn't a huge fan of Where the Trail Ends by Melanie Dobson.

10 || a song that makes you happy
Only One by NF makes me happy. :)

11 || a movie that freaked you out
I'm not sure what it was called but it was a horrible movie. Very disturbing, and I didn't even watch all of it because it was that bad. 

12 || a book that made you cry
June Bug by Chris Fabry was the first book that ever made me cry. 

13 || a song you listened to a lot when you were younger 
A Little Good News by Anne Murray. 

14 || a movie you watched a lot when you were younger 
I watched Set Apart a lot when I was a young teen! That's where I actually first heard the song I mentioned in the last question. 

15 || a book you read a lot when you were younger 
Elsie's Endless Wait is a book I read a lot when I was younger. 

16 || a song that irritates you
Once again, Reckless Love by Cory Asbury. (God's love is not reckless.)

17 || a movie that kept you on the edge of your seat
I actually don't watch many suspenseful movies and those are really the only ones I'd think that would get me on the edge of my seat.

18 || a book that left you breathless 
The Escape by Lisa Harris. It was super good and it had a cliffhanger ending....I need book 2!!!! (except it's not out yet...)

19 || a song you listen to when you can't sleep
I have no clue.... ;)

20 || a comfort movie
I'd probably have to say the TV show When Calls the Heart

21 || a comfort book
The A Life of Faith: Millie Keith series are definitely comfort books to me. 

22 || a song by an artist you wouldn't normally listen to
What Ifs by Kane Brown.

23 || a book you didn't expect to love
While I really like Erynn Mangum's book I wasn't expecting to love her book Sketchy Behavior. I figured I'd like it, but no, I absolutely loved it! :D

24 || a movie that you shockingly loved
I am surprised I liked the movie I Still Believe as much as I did. I really don't like movies where a  character has cancer so I was shocked that I actually liked the movie. 

25 || current on-repeat song
Live Like You're Loved by Hawk Nelson. I listen to that one everyday on the way to work. 

26 || currently reading
I am currently reading The Librarian of Boone's Hollow by Kim Vogel Sawyer. 

27 || recently watched 

Season 8 of When Calls the Heart. ;)

Answering these questions was actually a lot harder than I thought it would be. ;)

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Life Lately

March is here! It's been awhile since I've done any kind of life update, so I decided to write one up. :)

--Life lately has been pretty busy with work and just life in general. Life has also been pretty stressful, but I'm trying to remember to choose joy. There's always something to be thankful for. 

--I have made my way through the Christy Miller series again. This time I listened to the audiobooks. It was lots of fun. 

--I used to never listen to audiobooks books but lately it has been nice to do some audiobooks along with physical books.
While I listen to books I love to do diamond dot crafts! They are so fun and very relaxing for me.

--When Calls the Heart season 8 has started up! The first two episodes have premiered and it's off to a good start. :)

--On February 13 we got lots of snow! We haven't really had any all winter so it was fun to get some!
I got to go sledding which was great. Although while going down a hill I ran into a 2x4 that was frozen to the ground and I got a huge bruise on my leg. 

--My younger brothers and I have hosted lots of parties as well as went to several. It's always fun hanging out with friends. :)

--I went on an online book shopping spree which was lots of fun. 

What's something fun you've been up to lately? 

Sunday, February 14, 2021

When Calls the Heart Blog Party // Day 3 // Season 7 in Pictures

 Happy Valentine's Day and welcome to the third and final day of the When Calls the Heart blog party! I really hope you have enjoyed this as much as Faith and I have enjoyed putting it on.

There's only one week left until season 8 premiers! 

For todays post I will be highlighting season 7 in pictures.  ;)

Elizabeth and Lucas <3

Jesse and Clara's wedding was so sweet! 

I loved how Clara asked Bill to walk her down the aisle!

I'm looking forward to seeing what's in store for Fiona in season 8.

(No caption needed. ;))

While I'm not a fan of Allie I am curious to see what's in store for her and Nathan this coming season.

I like how the saloon is really just a fun meet up spot for the town. 

I loved it when Lee was giving Jesse relationship advice. ;)

These two are the cutest couple!

Rosemary and Elizabeth's relationship has sure come a long ways since the end of season 1. I love how they're friends now. 

The newlyweds!

Who will Elizabeth choose?!

I really enjoy the scenes with little Jack. I'm excited to see what he's like in season 8 now that he's getting older. 

Elizabeth really is comfortable around Lucas. They get along great. 

This little guy is so cute. 

I think it will be fun seeing Clara and Jesse grow as a couple. 

The bachelorette part...

...and the bachelor party. I loved how these two parties played out. ;)

Then there was the whole problem with Nathan's father coming to town.

Lucas and Mr. Gowen start doing some business together...

...and there was some drama there but I'm very much looking forward to seeing how that all plays out in season 8. 

Carson and Faith are both such caring and kind people...

...I'm looking forward to seeing their relationship progress.

Bill and Nathan keeping the town safe.

I would absolutely love to see these two become parents!


Are you excited for the start of season 8 next week?

Okay! Now to announce the giveaway winners!
1st place: Abby Elissa
2nd place: SawyerMarie 

Congratulations to both of you!

Head on over to Faith's blog to read her post!

Saturday, February 13, 2021

When Calls the Heart Blog Party // Day 2 // Guest Post

Hey everyone! Welcome to day two of the party! Today Faith is guest posting on my blog and I’ll be over on her blog. We will be discussing none other than the two men in Elizabeth’s life: Lucas and Nathan!

Now before you go on to read Faith’s thoughts on this matter please know that I do not endorse all that will be said today on my blog. ;)
We were literally feuding last night over text...Okay not really, it’s all in good fun.
Now, onto the guest post!

 Are you Team Lucas or Team Nathan?
This has been the ongoing debate between some Hearties for a while now—ever since Jack’s death, the arrival of both fellows to Hope Valley, and the beginning of the love triangle. Then the questions began and teams formed. Who should Elizabeth end up with? Mountie Nathan Grant or saloon owner Lucas Bouchard?
Rebekah and I thought it would be fun to come up with some (semi unbiased) pros and cons for each guy. Because, as you already know if you read our collaboration post yesterday, we are on opposite sides of the debate. It makes for some fun conversations. ;)
Okay, here goes!


• If charming, well-dressed, mustached dudes are your thing, he’s attractive. (Personally, guys in suits aren’t my thing, but we shall see.)
• He’s a business owner, so there’s some monetary security in that, I suppose. Unless Canada goes dry... ;)
• Through his mother, he has connections to the publishing world and could help Elizabeth get her writing published.

• He was involved in some shady dealings in the past that weren’t fully divulged. Like, the money in the fish thing... What was with that?
• Bill Avery, who is one of my WCTH favs, seems to dislike Lucas. Since Bill and Jack were close and he’s dedicated to looking after Elizabeth and Jack Jr., I trust his judgement.
• Pushing the boundaries of their burgeoning friendship, he submitted some of her work to a potential publisher without asking her if it was okay. Some people don’t have a problem with this, and honestly, I can see both sides. But personally, I would be upset if a guy I was interested in did the same to me.

(You know what they say about saving the best for last...)

• Can we go ahead and give him bonus points simply because he’s a Mountie? Because I’m all about the uniform, y’all. Plus the whole “protects people for a living thing”? Very attractive.
• He’s raising his niece, Allie, so he understands something about being a parent. Also attractive.
• He is so handsome. I mean, c’mon. The hair. The smile. The great personality.

• So back to the Mountie thing... I love the main guy of the show being a Mountie in early seasons. I would love to see Elizabeth with a Mountie again. But I’m not too blinded by the handsome man that I can’t see the other side of things. I’m sure, having lost one husband to service in the RCMP, it would be hard to be with another man who wears the same red serge.
• Elizabeth would become step-mom to a preteen girl, which I’m sure would take some adjusting since she already has a baby and teaches school.
• He still seems to be carrying some emotional baggage and unresolved feelings toward his convict father.

Okay, so... if you weren’t already convinced, you should be now... so, Team Lucas or Team Nathan?


Comment below which team you are!

To read my pros and cons to these two charming men, head over to Faith's blog

Friday, February 12, 2021

When Calls the Heart Blog Party // Day 1 // Heartie's Chat

Hello everyone and welcome to the annual When Calls the Heart blog party! I always look forward to co-hosting this with my friend, Faith

There will be three days of fun. There will also be a giveaway, more on that later in this post. ;)

Today, Faith and I are doing a "Heartie's Chat". I will be in the regular font and Faith will be in italics. 

Rebekah: Welcome to the When Calls the Heart blog party! 

Faith: Woot, woot! Fifth year in a row :D

I can’t believe this is our fifth year doing this!

Me either! We must be getting old… 

Haha, I know right?

But you know what the best part about another year of this party is? Another season of our beloved series. ;) 

Yes! I am so excited to see where season 8 goes! 
Only a week left until it premiers! 

*tosses confetti* I was thinking about this last night and trying to remember if the new season was season 7 or 8. (I always combine 6 and 7 in my mind for some reason… :P)  But wow, 8 years of Hope Valley!

Yeah, 8 years! It’s hard to believe there’s been that many seasons already. 

What would you say you are most looking forward to about season 8? Or do I have to ask? ;)

I am really looking forward to Elizabeth picking a guy. ;) A certain saloon owner would be nice. ;) 

Saloon owner, you say? I’m sorry, my dear, you must be mistaken about the fellow’s occupation… He’s a mountie. ;)

No, no...he is definitely not a Mountie. ;) I do like Nathan, but not for Elizabeth! 

*laughing* okay, I tried… We’ll never agree on this one… I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Haha! I think the only Hope Valley couple we actually have agreed on is Lee and Rosemary. 

Yes, true… And Jesse and Clara. But we never did agree on a suitor for Abigail. 

How could I forget Jesse and Clara! They’re a cute couple.
Yes, we never could agree on Abigail’s love life…. (although Frank was great!) 

I hope to see more of their relationship growth and such in season 8! Wait… who’s Frank again? .... Okay, okay, I’m kidding. xD 

I do too!! 
Faith, you’re killing me here! ;D But Abigail’s not around anymore so I suppose it doesn’t matter too much anymore… 

Hehehe… Okay, since Abigail is no longer on the show, I guess I can drop the Frank thing… Bill is still around, so I’m pleased with that. ;)

Well, since Frank and Abigail are gone I don’t really mind Bill being around still. ;)

I’ve always thought Bill was an interesting character. Shady enough to keep me guessing (and wondering if he was actually a bad guy sometimes), but I always end up liking him. I especially liked his relationship with Jack. 

Exactly! Like I always go between liking Bill and disliking him!
But yes! I really liked his relationship with Jack too.
I really like how Bill looks out for Elizabeth and baby Jack. <3

Yes! And I’ve liked what I’ve seen so far of his relationship with Nathan, how especially in most recent episode they were teasing each other a bit and such. 
Awwww, yes. <3 Proof that Bill does have a heart. 

Oh yeah, I had kinda forgotten about Bill’s relationship with Nathan… 
Bill doesn’t seem to really be a fan of Lucas though…

I don’t remember a lot from season 7 (I need to re-watch next week before the new season starts airing!) but I’m specifically remembering the scene before Bill and Nathan leave for the *spoiler* prisoner transfer that ended in that other Mountie getting killed *spoiler* and Bill was like “yes, we’re leaving now. Get your stuff, let’s go!” And Nathan’s just like, “okay, fine.” xD 
Hmmm… maybe Bill knows something about Lucas that we don’t…? ;)

(I should do that too!) 
Oh right, I do remember that. (I mean how could I forget with that leading to the whole ending of the season?!)
Yeah, I don’t know about that. ;) 

Right?! (That hug though… *heart eyes*)
Hehehe… Maybe he’s just being cautious because he’s looking out for Elizabeth… we’ll see. :P
Okay, now that we’re thoroughly sidetracked… any other expectations/speculations about season 8??

Yes...the hug...I feel like the hug though was just because of the situation... because I mean there was that sweet scene with Lucas shortly before… ;)
Haha, right?! Well, I really hope Lee and Rosemary have a baby or adopt a kid. Since about season 6 I think it’s sort of briefly been in there but nothing has happened. 

Maybe… but it was still super sweet. Ahh, yes, Lucas the charmer… how could I forget? ;)
Oh, I’d forgotten about that! Yes, I would definitely like to see some progression in that possibly-forgotten side-plot. I truly would love to see them adopt a child. I love adoption plots and I think they’d be great parents. <3

Okay, it was kinda sweet. ;) But the look on Lucas’s face about broke my heart when he saw Elizabeth hug Nathan! (okay, I’m being slightly dramatic. ;))
It would be so sweet for them to adopt, the two of them would be amazing parents!! 

Poor guy… I’m not even being sarcastic this time—either way this goes, one of the guys will get hurt… :’(
Right?! Plus I always enjoy when they bring in characters from When Hope Calls to WCTH and the other way around. (Speaking of which, did WHC ever get confirmed for a second season?)

I know! Like I want Elizabeth to pick a guy, but I’ll feel bad for the other guy no matter which one it is.
I love it when they do that too! When Hope Calls has such a fun cast and I love it when they show up in When Calls the Heart. (No, I never heard anything about a season 2 of WHC. I hope they decide to do one though because I was really enjoying that show!)

I know, right? Reason #1 that I’m typically not a fan of love triangles. All the accompanying drama being a close #2. But still, I hope the love triangle gets settled in the new season, one way or another. I don’t like lingering unanswered questions… :P
(I wish they would!)

I feel like the love triangle will get resolved towards the end of the season, because you know how they like to draw things out… ;) 

Don’t I know it! ;)  Yeah, I think it probably will be. Especially after seeing the video *sorta spoiler* of Elizabeth taking off her wedding band. I’m thinking that’ll happen further into the season maybe before she actually “picks” someone. 

Oh my goodness! Yes! That video is both sweet and kinda sad. 
Yeah, probably…

It definitely shows the bittersweetness of a changing season of life… I’m excited to see what it signifies for a future/growing relationship for her. 

Another thing I’m curious to see in season 8 is how the writers take Faith and Carson’s relationship. I’m struggling to remember where they were with things when season 7 ended. I haven’t always been a total fan of their relationship (sometimes I think he’s too old for her xD), but I’m interested to see how that plays out. 

For sure! <3
Yes, I’m also excited to see where things go with Carson and Faith. I cannot remember where season 7 left things with them. I remember them saying how they felt about each other and kissing, but I think that was earlier on. 
I like them together, but yeah, sometimes it does seem like he’s too old for her.
Speaking of relationships, I’m excited to see where season 8 goes with Jesse and Claras as newlyweds! 

Yes, I remember that too, but I don’t recall whether or not anything specific happened after that. I know Carson is in that scene with the Elizabeth/Nathan hug, but I don’t remember when we last see Faith. I really do need to rewatch. ;) 

Agreed! They’re so cute. <3

Right, Carson was in that scene, but yeah, I cannot remember about Faith. I totally need to rewatch season 7 as well. ;)

I think it would be sweet to see Clara and Jesse have a baby, but I feel like that would be too soon for this season since they just got married in the middle of season 7. 

I was just thinking it would be cute for them to be pregnant in the new season! But yeah, I don’t know if the writers will want for that to happen so soon. They let Elizabeth have a baby right away though… ;P

That would be so cute! 
True, so there is hope! ;) 

As long as Jesse doesn’t have to die in order for it to happen… 

Right! I don’t want any more deaths to happen!! 

No character deaths this season, please! 

The only other expectation I have for the new season is that I hope to see storylines with Fiona! She’s a fun character. 

Oh yes! Fiona is a really fun character. I hope we get to know her more in the new season. :)

We could seriously talk about WCTH for days on end. ;)  Anything else to add?

We definitely could! ;)

Nothing else comes to mind at the moment, although I’m sure I’ll think of more stuff later. ;D 

Haha, right? I’ll think of something as soon as I sign off… xD  This has been so much fun! 

Same here. ;)

Yes, it has been lots of fun!              

Until next time, lovely friend! *waves* 
Goodbye! <3 


I hope you all enjoyed! ;)
If you're curious which video Faith and I were referring to you can check that out here.

Now for the info on the giveaway. 
The giveaway runs today and tomorrow and the winners will be announced on Sundays post. All you have to do to enter is to comment on mine and Faith's blogs. Each post you comment on counts as an entry, so you can get a total of four entries by commenting on both blogs. (multiple comments per post don't gain additional entries.)
For prizes we have:
-When Calls the Heart: The Christmas Wishing Tree DVD
-When Calls the Heart: Heart of the Family DVD
-When Calls the Heart: Heart and Home DVD
-When God Calls the Heart to Love Devotional 

The first place winner will receive first pick of two items from the list, and the second place winner will receive the other two items. Each winner will also receive a few Valentines themed stationary items (journal, cards, stickers, pens, etc.).

What are you most looking forward to in season 8? Are you Team Lucas or Team Nathan?

Don't forget to head on over to Faith's blog!

Friday, January 29, 2021

Anticipated Books for 2021

For the last few years I have had fun sharing my anticipated books for the new year. 

Last year I think I only unfortunately read one of the books I was excited for so this year I’m going to make an effort to actually read the books I put on this anticipated list. ;)

When Twilight Breaks by Sarah Sundin // Release Date:  February 2

I haven’t read a Sarah Sundin book in awhile but I’m hoping to remedy that. ;) This new release sounds good and I’m excited to give it a try! 

The Moonlight School by Suzanne Woods Fisher // Release Date: February 2

It has also been a little while since I read a Suzanne Woods Fisher book as well, but I thought this one sounded interesting! 

Braced for Love by Mary Connealy // March 2

I really haven't read many books by this author but I think I'll go ahead and give this new series a try. 

Sustaining Faith by Janette Oke and Laurel Oke Logan // June 1

I have yet to read book 1 in this series but I hope to soon! Janette Oke always has such lovely stories. 

The Chase by Lisa Harris // Release Date: July 6

I read book 1 The Escape back in December and absolutely loved it! I am SO excited to read The Chase

The Beginning by Beverly Lewis // Fall 

There isn't an official release date or cover for this book yet, but I am so excited for it just the same. Beverly Lewis writes amazing books. :) 

What books are you excited to release this year?

Friday, December 25, 2020

Christmas 2020

 Merry Christmas!!!

I hope everyone has an amazing day as we celebrate the birth of our Savior. Jesus is the true reason for the season. 

I know this year has been tough on a lot of people, but remember, Jesus is in charge of the future and He will never leave us or forsake us. 

~For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us; And the government will rest on His shoulders; And His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace. —Isaiah 9:6 NASB

~These things I have spoken to you so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33 NASB

Thank you so much to Faith for hosting the 12 Days of Christmas again this year! It's been fun. I always look forward to doing this. :)