Saturday, February 17, 2018

When Calls the Heart Blog Party ~ Day 6 ~ Pictures

Well, today is the last day of the When Calls the Heart blog party. I know that Faith and I had a ton of fun!! :D  I'm sure you found out that the both of us like to party like Hearties. ;)

Last year on the last day of the party I did a post with just a bunch of different random pictures from throughout the seasons. I am doing something similar today, but with just pictures from season four.

 Robert spying a "bear".

Elizabeth and Rosemary having a little heart-to-heart chat

Admiring Lee's new car

 Carson helping Cody with math.

That math trick is pretty cool. ;)

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I hope you enjoyed this When Calls the Heart week! 

Friday, February 16, 2018

When Calls the Heart Blog Party ~ Day 5 ~ Episode Recap

The blog party is almost over. I can't believe it! It has been so much fun and I'm not quite ready for it to be almost over.

Today I will be doing a recap of Heart of the Community. When this one aired on TV it was two different episodes: Heart of the Community and Change of Heart.

~Abigail is still mayor but there is some tension going on because of the railroad. Towards the end of this one though is when Mr. Gowen re-becomes mayor.

~Elizabeth gets a new student. A cute little boy named Philip Cantrell. Philip’s mother died when he was a baby and his father, Shane, seems a bit distant from Philip.

~Rosemary has started working in Abigail’s Cafe except she’s starting to realize that it isn’t exactly her thing...

~Lee is starting to run behind on orders at the sawmill. The men are working over time and are having a hard time keeping up.

~The school doesn’t have enough school supplies and the children are having to share books. Elizabeth decides to have a carnival that her and the children put on to raise money for the school.

~There’s been talk of a group of stagecoach robbers, the Tate Brothers. Jack, Bill, and Frank head out to catch them. When they get back Abigail is not too happy with Frank. She was worried about what could’ve happened and a bit hurt that Frank didn’t let her know.
Unfortunately the disagreement leads to Franks and Abigail breaking up. (In the process of their breakup ended up breaking my heart.)

~Cody ends up writing a letter to Rosemary’s advice column about Abigail and Frank. All of those scenes are quite funny. Thankfully in the end Frank and Abigail make up and get back together!

~We meet Doug, a Mountie friend of Jack’s. Doug is leading a new division up to the Northern territories.

~The carnival is a success with a bake sale, games and fortune telling by Rosemary, as well as other things.

~A new person show up in town, Carson Shepherd. Shortly after his arrival he gets injured and can't do too much heavy work.

~Rosemary stops working in the cafe so Abigail needs to hire someone and Carson applies for the job and ends up getting the job as the cook.

Do you have a favorite episode from season 4?

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

When Calls the Heart Blog Party ~ Day 4 ~ Heartie's Chat

Welcome to day 4 of the party! I hope you're having as much fun as Faith and I are!!

Faith and I decided to work together and do a collaboration post. We had a ton of fun working on this. It was so much fun talking about When Calls the Heart! ;)
I hope you enjoy our little conversation!

F: Hey, Rebekah! I’m enjoying the When Calls the Heart blog party so much! How about you? :D

R: Yes! This is always such a fun blogging week!

F: Agreed! And co-hosting with my WCTH buddy makes it special. ;)

R: Co-hosting definitely makes it all the more fun! Having a When Calls the Heart buddy is the best!

F: It definitely is. And you’re the one who got me started watching the show! How did you become a Heartie?

R: I’m pretty happy about that! ;)
I watched the When Calls the Heart movie and it was okay. Not my favorite movie though. In the bonus features it mentioned that there was going to be a TV series. I wasn’t all that excited seeing as how the movie wasn’t a favorite. Well, in the summer of 2014 my dad was at the Christian bookstore and When Calls the Heart: A Telling Silence was on sale so he picked it up. We watched it and I enjoyed it. So we went and got the first one and I couldn’t wait for the rest to come out. I got hooked on this lovely show very quickly. So, that’s pretty much how I became a Heartie. ;)

F: That’s so cool!! Kudos to your dad. ;) A Telling Silence is a really sweet show. You’d been telling me how great the show is for a couple months, and then I found the first three shows for only a couple dollars on CBD. So I bought them and my family watched them and loved them immediately! We’d re-watched those three several times by the time the rest of Season One arrived. ;)
Speaking of the movie...I almost want to watch that one to see how it compares, but no one could ever replace Jack and Elizabeth. ;)

R: Yes, I was thinking that it was a show you’d really like so I was so thrilled when you told me you got those first three! I was even more excited when you loved them as much as me! ;) Talking with you about When Calls the Heart is so wonderful. :D
The movie is sort of good, but yes, no one can replace Elizabeth and Jack. Actually I don’t even think Jack is in the movie… ;)

F: I’m so glad I took your advice! ;D
Hehe, I was wondering about that… Is the love-interest still a Mountie?

R: :D
Yes, the love-interest is still a Mountie. Jack is way better though. ;)

F: *grins* I imagine he is.
Who would you say are your top favorites characters? :D

R: Oh, this is a hard one to answer! ;) Well, I just love Elizabeth, Jack, Abigail, and Rosemary. Those would be my top favorites.
What about you? Who are your top favorite characters?

F: I should have known better than to ask that, huh? ;) It is a hard one! Hmm...I think I would have to choose Jack, Elizabeth, Rosemary, and Bill as my top favorites. Abigail and Lee would be close ‘honorable mentions.’ ;)

R: Hehe. ;) It is hard to pick!
Those are great ones! I almost said Lee. He’s so great with Rosemary. ;)
I had a feeling you might choose Bill. He is great though, a bit confusing at times, but I’m so glad that he stuck around.

F: Lee and Rosemary are just SO cute! They need kids. You know...sticky ones… ;)
I’m glad Bill has stuck around too. There was several times I thought that he might get ‘written off’, so I’m glad he didn’t.

R: *laughs* Yes! Lee and Rosemary totally need kids! Hehe, yep...sticky ones.. ;)
I’m so glad that Bill didn’t get written off! I don’t like it when that happens to characters.
So, what would you say is your favorite season?

F: I don’t like it when that happens either! Like, Tom and Julie. I’m dying to know what became of them after Season Two. I’ve heard that Julie will be on Season Five though… Do you have any speculations on that?
Oh, that’s hard too! Well, I really loved season one with all the aftermath of the mine cave-in. And then season three was really great with all the Lee and Rosemary moments! And season four is amazing too. Haha, I’m having trouble with this one. ;D What about you?

R: Yes, Tom and Julie just disappeared! I really hope that story-line comes back. I remember you saying that you heard Julie will be in season 5! It’s about time. ;) I don’t have too many speculations on that story. I just really hope something happens. Season 2 ended really badly with that story line! (Well, actually it ended badly overall. ;))
Hehe, choosing a favorite season is hard! ;) Season 1 really was great and a great start to a wonderful series. I think I’d have to say that season 4 is my favorite though. :)

F: Hehe, agreed! The end of season 2 was a terrible cliffhanger in more ways than one! I only have one speculation on Julie’s return—that she comes to Hope Valley for her sister’s wedding. ;) That’s something that I really hope to see on season 5!
Season 4 is really wonderful!! :)

R: Definitely! I was excited when Jack was heading to the school with the ring for Elizabeth but then Charles had to go and ruin it!!
Oh, that’s a great speculation! I really hope Jack and Elizabeth get married in season 5!

F: I know it!! I may or may not have been yelling at the TV when I realized who was down on one knee...because, you know, that totally helped… ;) I wonder if Jack will ever tell Elizabeth how long he’d had the ring before he actually got to propose.
Me too!! I imagine them having a really pretty wedding. :D

R: Haha! Yes, yelling at the TV totally helps… ;) Yeah, I kinda wonder the same thing!
I think they would really have a nice wedding. The proposal was SO sweet so I’m sure their wedding would be too!

F: Totally. *wink* It would definitely be an emotional scene! <3
Yes!! The proposal was very sweet and thoughtful. Jack is quite romantic. ;) Sometimes I get focused on recent happenings between them, and I forget that they have been an item nearly since the beginning. Remember when he painted them into the backdrop? And gave her the picture he drew of the two of them? And the first kiss? <3

R: Jack really is quite romantic. ;) Yes, they’ve been an item for a long time now!
Yes! The backdrop! And when Elizabeth went to go tell Jack that someone painted them in the backdrop? His response was so funny. ;) The picture and their first kiss! <3 Eeps! So many sweet memories between those two!

F: *laughs* Yes, that was funny! He did a good job on the innocent act. So much sweetness! <3 Do you have a favorite Jack and Elizabeth moment? :D

R: Yes, he definitely did! ;D
Oh wow! A favorite Jack and Elizabeth moment...Hmmm...well the proposal was the sweetest, but I really liked it in the beginning of season 4 when Jack and Elizabeth were the baseball coaches. ;) That was so funny and sweet!
Do you have a favorite Jack and Elizabeth moment?

F: The proposal was very sweet! That whole episode was. <3 The baseball episode was great too! Haha, yes, I loved seeing them opposing each other...and Bill breaking up the near-fight. ;D
Hmm...there's just so many! I really loved the end of season three when Jack got swept away in the flooded river and developed pneumonia. (You know how I am with injuries… ;))  I liked a lot of the early shows too, when they weren’t always happy with each other. ;)

R: That episode was sweet! Emotional too!
*laughs* Bill the umpire did almost have to break up a fight!  That was great. ;)
There really are! Oh my goodness, yes! How could I forget that part! That was another emotional part! (Hehe, yes, you always love those injuries. ;))
It was so funny when Jack and Elizabeth didn’t always get along. ;D

F: It was so funny! ;D
That show was so great! And much better season finale than season two, I believe we can agree. (Anything feelsy and I’m in. *wink*)
It was! I’m glad they came to like each other eventually, though, and fell in love despite some opposition.

R: Oh yes! I definitely agree, the season 3 finale was way better than the season 2 one! (*wink*)

F: Yes, it was! Now, if they’d left Jack unconscious and not told us if he lived until the beginning of season 4, I might have had a different opinion on that. ;)
Well, it’s been so much fun chatting with you this afternoon, dear girl! :D

R: That would’ve been horrible!!!
It has been blast chatting with you too! :D

F: I know!! How would we have survived months of waiting?! ;)
This party is so much fun! So glad we were able to do it again this year. :D

R: I’m not sure if we would’ve been able to handle it *wink*
It is super fun! I’m so glad we were able to do it again too! Doing a post together has been really fun too! :D

F: *wink* Definitely wouldn’t have been good for our health.
Yes, it has been! :D Have a good day, Rebekah!

R: Definitely not! ;)
You have a great day too, Faith!

F: Bye! :) Thanks for reading, all!

R: Yes, thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed it. ;)

F: Yep! :D

Well, we hope you enjoyed it and we weren't too random for you guys. ;) ;)

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

When Calls the Heart Blog Party ~ Day 3 ~ Jack and Elizabeth Moments

💕Happy Valentine's Day!!! 💕 I hope you all have a fun day! I also hope you're having fun with the blog party!

When Calls the Heart season 5 starts in just a couple days!!! I simply cannot wait to see where this 5th season will go!!

Jack and Elizabeth are such a nice couple. I always like it when the couple doesn’t always get along at first, but then end up falling in love. Jack and Elizabeth have definitely had their ups and downs though. There was some tension between the two in season 2, but they were thankfully able to get past that.
Today I am going to be talking about some of my favorite Jack and Elizabeth moments.

Season 1:

~Jack takes Elizabeth to dinner at Abigail’s Cafe and they dance.

~Jack comes by the saloon when Elizabeth is cleaning up after he school day and says, “Take a walk with me.” Jack then takes her out by the lake and gives her the picture he drew of the two of them. They also have their first kiss!

Season 2:

After a lot of tension between Jack and Elizabeth they have a heart to heart talk in the mine.

Season 3:

The camping trip that Jack and Elizabeth take the school children on.

Jack gets hurt in the mud slide and Elizabeth diligently sticks by his side hoping that he will recover.

Season 4:

When Jack and Elizabeth aren't able to go to the Mountie Christmas Ball, but Jack puts together his own Mountie Christmas Ball.

Jack and Elizabeth organize a baseball game for the school children and they each coach a team.

Jack proposes to Elizabeth!! He gives her a letter that says, “Take a walk with me.” (That’s the same thing he said to her in that scene in season 1 where they have their first kiss!!)

What is one of your favorite Jack and Elizabeth moments?

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

When Calls the Heart Blog Party ~ Day 2 ~ From Coal Valley to Hope Valley

Welcome to day 2 of the When Calls the Heart blog party!!

In season 1 the name of the town that When Calls the Heart takes place in was called Coal Valley. Coal Valley was a coal mining town, but after the mine disaster and the mine closed down it was no longer a coal mining town. The name of the town ended up changing to Hope Valley.
The name of the town isn't the only thing that has changed. The characters have changed as well.
Today I'm going to be talking about 6 characters that have been around since season 1 and how they have changed.

Elizabeth Thatcher:

When Elizabeth first arrived in Coal Valley you could definitely tell she was a city girl. ;) She had a harder time with teaching the children and making them interested in school. She also didn’t really care so much for a certain Mountie. ;) Well, now Elizabeth has adapted to frontier life quite well, she is adored by her school children and is engaged to Jack.
I’m hoping that maybe there might be a wedding in season 5.

Jack Thornton:

Jack never imagined himself in a small frontier town. He was looking for adventure. When he found out that Elizabeth’s father had something to do with his posting in Coal Valley he was not pleased. Coal Valley and the people there definitely grew on him. He almost left once because of a transfer, but was able to stay after all. I think life in Hope Valley has been more exciting than he thought it’d be. ;)
Jack is now engaged but he also led a new division up North and was gone for the last few episodes of season 4.
I’m super curious what all will happen with Jack in season 5.

Abigail Stanton:

Abigail is such a sweet lady. She has been through so much too. She lost her husband and son in the mine disaster.
She gives great advice to both Jack ad Elizabeth. Since then she has opened a cafe, was the ‘substitute’ mayor for awhile, and adopted Cody and Becky. Abigail also started going out with Bill Avery although that didn’t work out, and she is now with Frank Hogan. I’m curious where her love life will take her in season 5.

Rosemary LeVeaux Coulter:

Rosemary is the character that I think has changed the most. I really didn’t like her at all when she first showed up in town in the end of season 1. I didn’t like how she was trying to come between Jack and Elizabeth. Now I really like her! She is so funny and just a great addition to the show. I also think she is the most quotable character. ;) Her and Lee make such a sweet, cute couple!

Bill Avery:

Bill came to town to help investigate the mine disaster and him and Abigail started liking each other. Then it happened that Bill hadn’t been all that truthful with Abigail. Bill’s wife happened to show up in Hope Valley. Bill and Nora are now divorced, but Abigail is now with Pastor Frank. I’m not always sure what to think of Bill. Sometimes he can be really confusing and you don’t know what’s going on, but I think he makes a nice addition to the show.

Henry Gowen:

Mr. Gowen…He used to be in charge of the mining company, but when it closed down he ended up becoming mayor. Mr. Gowen is always causing trouble and he is not the greatest at all. He had to stop being mayor for awhile because he was under criminal investigation. He was able to sneak his way back into mayor though.
Mr. Gowen is actually starting to become quite the confusing character too. He has just barely begun to actually show that he just might have a heart. I’m very curious what will happen with him in season 5.

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