Monday, January 1, 2018

Hello 2018!!!

2018 has arrived. That means a whole new year to try new things, make cherished memories, and a whole lot of other excitement!

2017 was a pretty good year. I started a book club, got my braces off after having them on for 3 years, celebrated my 21st birthday, and made some other great memories.
I'm looking forward to a new year though.

A couple things that I'm looking forward to in the new year is:
~A visit from a friend! In the spring a good friend of mine will be coming by!! I cannot wait!! :D
~Hopefully a vacation. ;) I'm not sure if this will happen or not, but I would definitely like to take a trip this year.
~When Calls the Heart season 5 will start up in February! Also I look forward to all the other When Calls the Heart fun that will happen. :)
~Spending quality time with family and making wonderful memories.
~Having fun times with friends.
~Reading great books and also participating in Rebekah Morris' reading challenge!
~Writing in my journal more often.
~Pursuing some things that I've been thinking about doing for awhile.
~Growing closer to God.
~and hopefully lots more! ;)

I can't wait to see all that 2018 has in store for me!


  1. I'm excited for alot of things in 2018 too!! :) Oh, I'm doing Rebekah Morris' challenge too. I hope you have another fantastic year, and I can't wait to meet you in person!! <3

    1. Oh, that's so fun that we're both doing Rebekah Morris' reading challenge! :)
      I hope you have a fantastic year as well, Faith, and I'm so excited to meet you in person! :D
      Thank you, I took that on New Years Eve. ;)

  2. Happy 2018! I hope you have a great year Rebekah. I'm so blessed to know you <3

    1. Happy 2018 to you too!! :D I'm so blessed to know you as well, Ashley! <3 I've so enjoyed getting to know you through blogging!! =)