Sunday, June 25, 2017

Book Recommendations // Summer Books

I always enjoy doing book recommendation posts! They are so fun. Today I am going to be recommending some books that are great ones to read in the summertime!

~Christy Miller series by Robin Jones Gunn—These are some fun summery books! This is a 12 book series. Since this is a series about Christy Miller’s high school years they don’t all take place in the summertime, but some of the do.
The most summery ones are: Summer Promise (book 1), Island Dreamer (book 5), Seventeen Wishes  (book 9), A Time to Cherish (book 10), and Sweet Dreams (book 11).

~Sierra Jensen series by Robin Jones Gunn — This is another 12 book series. They are all fun as well.

~Summerhill Secrets by Beverly Lewis—This is a great series and the title of this series even sounds summery! It’s been a few years since I’ve read these books, but I definitely want to re-read them this summer.

~Holly’s Heart by Beverly Lewis—There’s only a couple books in this series that actually take place in the summer, most are during the school year, but they kinda seem like summery books…

~Circle C Adventures by Susan K. Marlow— I love these books! This is one of my favorite series. I also love all of the other Circle C books as well. These books are set in the late 1800’s and are definitely some wonderful summer books!

~Child of Mine by David and Beverly Lewis — This is so good! Out of all of the books that I’m recommending, I’d definitely say that this one is the most summery!
~The Ebb Tide by Beverly Lewis — This is a super, fun summer book! It mainly takes place on the beach which is so fun!
—These are two of my most favorite standalone books by Beverly Lewis.— :)

~One Summers Desire by Abigail Prigge — This is a great summer read because the story takes pace at a summer camp.
~The Seekers by Wanda Brunstetter — This is the first book in the Amish Cooking Class series. Definitely a fun book!
~Departures by Robin Jones Gunn— This book has two novellas in it and both take place around the 4th of July. With white-water rafting and water parks, this is definitely a book to read in the summer!

Have you read any of these books before? Do you have a favorite summertime book?


  1. Oh goodness, the Circle C books are AMAZING, and SUMMERHILL SECRETS YUSSSS. You have good taste. ;)

    1. YES! The Circle C books are SO good!! Summerhill Secrets are great too! I don’t actually know of too many people who have read that series. :) Thanks, you do too! ;)

  2. EEPS, such a lovely post!! :D I definitely want to finish reading the Christy Miller series this summer...but I think I said that last summer. :P I also want to read "One Summer's Desire", "Child of Mine", and re-read Summerhill Secrets.

    Loved the post, Rebekah! Your pictures were great too :D

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! :D I’d love to hear what you think of the rest of the Christy Miller books when you read them. Hehe, maybe, but there are definitely some books that I’ve said that I want to read soon and a long time has passed and I still haven’t quite gotten to them yet. ;) We’ll, both get to our large stack of books sometime, right? :)
      “One Summer’s Desire” is good. “Child of Mine” is so good and so summery!! :D I really want to re-read Summerhill Secrets this summer too! It’s been quite awhile since I first read them.

      Thanks, Faith!! I was thinking that since I was recommending summer books that I’d try taking the pictures outside. :)