Friday, November 13, 2015

Pennsylvania Vacation

Last week my mom and I went to Pennsylvania for six days.
We stayed in Hershey one night and the next day we went to the Hershey Chocolate World. 

For the rest of the trip we stayed at an Old Order Amish bed and breakfast in Lancaster County! It was so much fun. We stayed in a guest house next to the main house.

My favorite part of the trip was getting to have dinner with an Amish family at their house!
I also had a lot of fun at this one tour that my mom and I went on. My favorite thing was the schoolhouse

and getting to ride an Amish scooter. It was very fun. 

There were many other places that we visited but I wasn't able to get any pictures.
It was a fun trip… and hopefully I will be able to go back someday soon!


  1. Oh, I love all the pictures, Rebekah!! =D We saw an Amish school when we were there, but it was closed so we couldn't go inside. :( Those scooters look awesome!

    Thanks for sharing! :D

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures, Faith! : )
    When we were in PA, we saw a bunch of Amish kids riding their scooters along the side of the road.
    So it was really fun getting to try one! : )

  3. These are great pictures, Rebekah! Looks like you had an awesome time! :) I think my favourite picture is either that of you with the Hershey Kiss, the school house (love to go to school in there, by the way :D) or the Amish scooters (which look like sooo much fun!)

    Thanks for sharing all these amazing pictures from your trip! :)

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures, we had a lot of fun! : )
      I really like old fashioned school houses too. ;)
      The scooters were so much fun to ride!