Wednesday, February 15, 2017

When Calls the Heart Blog Party! ~ Day 3

I hope everyone is having a lovely day! Are you enjoying this When Calls the Heart week? I sure am!!!
Today I am going to be doing character bios on some of my favorite characters and also on a couple not so favorites. ;)

Elizabeth Thatcher:
Elizabeth Thatcher is a favorite of mine. Her and the constable are so cute together. ;)
She is Hope Valley's school teacher and a good one at that. She's always so kind to her students. I've definitely liked Elizabeth from the beginning. It was fun seeing her show up in town as a definite city girl and how she's changed since she's now been living on the frontier for a while. :)

Jack Thornton:
Jack is such a great guy! He is the constable of Hope Valley. He’s kind and dependable. Him and Elizabeth make such a cute couple. :) But he is so slow when it comes to a certain thing! “Jack, just ask her!”
I look forward to seeing his and Elizabeth’s relationship progress (hopefully to a new level) in season 4.

Abigail Stanton:
Abigail is such a sweet lady. She runs a café and is raising a child, yet she still takes the time to help the people of Hope Valley. She is definitely one of my favorite characters.

Frank Hogan:
Frank Hogan is another great guy! He’s the pastor of Hope Valley and currently he and Abigail are courting. When Frank showed up in town he was a bit mysterious about certain things. Then when his past became exposed, I couldn’t believe it. I mean I liked Bill Avery and Abigail, but that didn’t work out, so I was really liking Frank and Abigail then something happened again! Well, I’m definitely glad things worked out because I really do like Frank.

Rosemary LeVeaux Coulter:
Rosemary LeVeaux. She is definitely a character. I absolutely did not like her when she showed up in the end of season 1, but she definitely grew on me. Now she is one of my favorites! She is so funny and very quotable. ;)

Lee Coulter:
When Lee first showed up in Hope Valley in season 2 I wasn't quite sure what to think of him. I liked him but was wondering what he was up too. He is definitely a favorite now!
He provided a lot of jobs for the men of Hope Valley after the mine was shut down and seeing him and Rosemary together is so fun. They are definitely made for each other.

Bill Avery:
I don’t even know what to think about Bill Avery. I really liked him at first. He and Abigail seemed like the perfect couple. Then his wife showed up! Wow! That was definitely a twist I was not expecting. Now Abigail and he are nothing more then business partners. So I went from liking him to not liking him. Then I was suspicious, then I sort of liked him. I’ve finally decided I do like him, but he is a bit confusing.

Henry Gowen:
Mr. Gowen is the town's mayor and the least liked person in town. He’s definitely not very kind, but there was almost a bit of a tender side to him that came out in the middle of season 3 when he was with Nora Avery. It was very strange to see him like that, but, of course, it wasn’t showed to anyone else.
Mr. Gowen is definitely not a favorite of many people, but I think he’s a good addition to the show. I mean, every small town has to have that bad guy. ;)

Faith Carter:
Faith is the new nurse in Hope Valley. She first came onto the show in season 2 when she worked as a nurse in Hamilton. I didn’t like her a whole lot at first. I mean, she was nice and all, but Jack and Elizabeth are just meant for each other!
When she showed up in Hope Valley I wasn’t too thrilled, but I did breath a sigh of relief when I found out that she had a fiancĂ©. ;) I was a bit worried when she no longer had one, but she really doesn’t seem like the type to push between Jack and Elizabeth. Plus Elizabeth and Faith are now kind of becoming friends.

Clara Stanton:
Clara is a nice, sweet, young lady. I was super surprised at first when I found out that she is Abigail’s daughter-in-law. I’m glad that she is living with Abigail in Hope Valley now.

Charlotte Thornton: 
Charlotte is Jacks mom. Wow! I was so surprised by her. She’s nothing like I would’ve picture Jack’s mom to be like, but I do like her. She’s definitely an interesting character.

Jesse Flynn:
Jesse Flynn showed up in town to make trouble for Frank. He was trying to get Frank to go back to his old ways and the gang, but that didn’t exactly work out, thankfully.
Jesse is spending a lot of time with Clara Stanton and there’s a little romance going on between them.

Cody Hastings:
At first I didn’t really like Cody. He was a bit bratty and all, but he eventually grew on me and I was sad at the possibility of him leaving.

We can’t forget “good ol’ Rip”. This is the dog that Jack found and took in. Rip’s a cute thing and I loved his and Jack’s ‘heart-to-heart talk’ in season 3.

Who is your favorite character?

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  1. Eeps! Loved your post, Rebekah!! :D Character bios (with all the pictures!! <3) was such a great idea :D
    I agree with...'bout everything you said. ;) This show has so many cute couples! Aside from the obvious Jack and Elizabeth, Lee and Rosemary and Clara and Jesse are sweet together too! :)

    My post is finally up now...though a bit late. :P

    1. And Rip! He perfects the cast. ;)

    2. I’m so glad you liked it, Faith! Thanks, I’ve been wanting to do something like this for awhile now, but just never got around to it. :)
      Yes, this show definitely has such sweet, cute couples. =)
      Hehe, yes, Rip does perfect the cast. ;)