Tuesday, February 14, 2017

When Calls the Heart Blog Party! ~ Day 2

Happy Valentine's Day!! 💕 I hope you all have a fun, special day!

We love, because He first loved us. ~1 John 4:19 NASB

Welcome to day 2 of the When Calls the Heart blog party!! I am super excited!! Today I will be doing a review/overview of the first episode of season 3, It Begins With Heart.

--If you haven't seen this episode or the season finale of season 2, there will be spoilers just to let you know. --

It Begins With Heart is so good. I love how season 3 starts off. Okay, so season 2 ended with that shocking, horrible, proposal.

~So season 3 starts off a little rocky with some tension between Jack and Elizabeth. Thankfully things get resolved fairly quickly.

~We know that Pastor Frank Hogan has some kind of background that he doesn't want to share just yet. He told Abigail that he had been shot before and hadn't always worked on the right side of the law, but didn't go into detail. Well, his past is about to get exposed.

~Jesse Flynn comes to town looking for his "friend" and stirs up some trouble for Frank. Frank used to be in a gang with Jesse and some others, but since then has changed. Jesse is in town to try and lure him back.

~Rosemary wins a writing contest and a reporter is coming to town to do a report about New Years Eve on the Frontier. Little did Rosemary know that she had to be married to enter the contest. Let's just say that things get quite interesting and funny. ;)

"Big smiles, Mr. LeVeaux. Just like your wedding."

~Then two siblings, Cody and Becky, come to stay with Abigail.

~The town is getting reading for all the festivities. With, of course, Rosemary in charge. ;)

~Bill is in jail because of the counterfeit stuff. Inspector Houston comes to town and things get bad. Thankfully everything gets cleared up.

~Elizabeth's class is also doing their part in the New Year celebration. A new student, Laura Campbell, is having a hard time and Elizabeth reaches out to her and also tries to get her to engage in the fun.

~Of course, you can't have a New Years celebration without fireworks at midnight! :)

Have you seen this episode? What was your favorite part of it?

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  1. Happy Valentines Day, Rebekah!!! :D <3
    Eeps, It Begins with Heart is such a good episode!! I'd forgotten a lot of the goodness (I get the shows mixed up :P) until I read your lovely review. :)
    Shocking,horrible -- great description of that proposal. Ick. I mean, Charles and Elizabeth? For life?! No thanks. *shivers* ;)
    Oookkaaayy. So, yes, this is the one where Jesse shows up. Nice picture of him, by the way... B-)
    Hehe, Rosemary and Mr. LeVeaux...cute, aren't they? ;) Hahaha! I love their parts in this show. :D
    Cody and Becky are sweet!! <3
    And I absolutely love the fireworks ending!! :D :D

    1. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too, Faith!! <3
      Yes, It Begins With Heart is super good! I had forgotten a couple of things as well. (Oh yes, I get some of the episodes mixed up too.)
      I know, right? Charles and Elizabeth do not make a nice couple. At all!
      Yep, Jesse shows up in this one. ;)
      Hehe, yes, Rosemary and “Mr. LeVeaux” are cute. ;) It was so funny!
      Yes, those two siblings are cute. =)
      The fireworks were great!!

  2. I agree with Faith nice picture of Jesse.