Saturday, December 31, 2016

December Highlights

Can you believe that tomorrow it will be 2017?!
December was a very busy month.

--The first Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of this month, my brother and I preformed in our towns Christmas program. I was in the orchestra, which is the prelude music. This was the third year that I did it and it was a ton of fun.

--We got a lot of snow! It snowed on December 8th, and never melted, but we've gotten quite a bit since then. A couple days ago some of my siblings and I went sledding with some friends.

--We had our annual family Christmas party.

--I put together a violin recital for my violin students. They all did a good job.

--My family and I put together a game day at our house. We invited friends over and we all visited and played board and/or card games.

--I participated in the 12 Days of Christmas blog link-up that Faith P. hosted. It was fun doing all of my Christmasy posts and seeing everyone else's.

--I also watched a lot of Christmas movies this month. :)

--Christmas! Christmas day was really fun! :) We read the Christmas story and opened presents in the morning. Then in the afternoon my grandparents came over for dinner. We also lost power for about an hour that afternoon.

--Two friends of mine and I had a girls night. It's where we stayed up super later watching movies, playing games, and just having fun together.

The books I read this month were:
The Lopsided Christmas Cake by Wanda E. Brunstetter and Jean Brunstetter
A Dog Named Christmas by Greg Kincaid
A Christmas Snow by Jim Stovall
Twice Loved by Wanda E. Brunstetter
Beyond the Horizon by Jesseca Wheaton
Millie's Grand Adventure by Martha Finley, adapted by Kersten Hamilton
The Old Mansion's Secret by Rebekah A. Morris
At the Christmas Lodge by Rebekah A. Morris

I mostly read all Christmas books this month since Christmas books are just so fun to read around Christmas time! :)

I won't be back to blogging again until next year. ;)


  1. Sounds like you had an amazing month, Rebekah! :D All the Christmasy fun!
    Amazing sounding books! I've read four of those. ;)
    *gasp* Oh no!! Rebekah won't be blogging until next year! She will be missed!! .... Oh wait. It is next year.... :P Haha!

    1. Yes, I had a lot of Christmasy fun! :D
      All of the books were great! I wanted to read more Christmas books, but I didn’t. I’m going to read a couple more in January, but the rest I’ll save for next Christmas. ;)
      Haha! I couldn’t resist saying that! ;)