Saturday, September 10, 2016

You Know You're a Book Lover If...

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful weekend!
I've been wanting to do this post for awhile now, but just haven't gotten around to it. ;)
Okay, lets get started!

You Know You're a Book Lover If...

--Someone asks you what you want for Christmas or your birthday and the first thing that you say is books.

--You stand in front of your bookshelf gazing at your books, counting up the ones you haven't read yet, trying to decide the next few to read, and/or remembering where you got them from.

--You go to the library and check out books even though you have a whole stack of books that you own at home, but haven't gotten to read yet.

--Someone mentions a certain activity or something and you think, "Oh, just like so and so did in that book!"

--You frequently ask people what book they're currently reading.

--One of your favorite places to go is a place that sells books.

--Someone mentions a date to you and the first thing that you think of is that the book you can't wait for comes out that same day.

--You find a book by your favorite author that just came out and you tell everyone in your family when it's coming out, what the title is, and show them a picture of the cover.

--Someone asks you what your favorite book is or who your favorite author is and you end up listing more than one.

So, can you relate to any of these?
I hope you enjoyed! :)


  1. Ohhhh....yes, yes, yes, yes, and YES!!! (LOVE the heart-of-books by the way!! <3)

    Pretty much everything you listed I'm in agreement with! Books....*sighs dreamily* ;)

  2. Oh my word, almost ALL of these I can relate to!! Especially the last couple. AND the first. XD

  3. *squeals at the delightful post title* Rebekah, you're GENIUS!!! Gahhhh, I love this post so much. ^_^
    That post graphic is so pretty with the heart made of books! :) Lets see, I've read four of those books and have one other. ;)

    Yes, of course that's what I say!! You can never have too many books...its just not possible. :P
    *nods vigorously* All the time!!
    Oh libraries...a very dangerous place for people like me. :P I seriously think the people at the check-out thingy dread seeing me around. ;)
    *laughs* I'm constantly comparing people in books to people in real life...sometimes I'm not sure if it's appreciated. ^.^
    Hehe, so many of these remind me of conversations I've had in recent months... *wink*
    Hahaha, exactly!! My family are so used to me showing off new or upcoming books. They've learned to nod and ignore. ;)
    Listing more than one? Oh goodness yes. Or, you know, handing them a list and being like "get to reading, my friend". :P
    I think I've commented on every single one now so...I'll hush and go read. ;) Great post, Rebekah!

    1. I’m glad that you all enjoyed this post and can relate! :D I had fun coming up with these. :)
      Thanks for commenting, Blessing, Kaitlyn, Emily, and Faith!!! :D

  4. Tag, you're it! :D I tagged you for the Prayer for People and Country tag, if you're interested you can check it out here: