Sunday, November 22, 2015

Our chickens

I am not much of an animal person but I do like our chickens. They are so fun to watch. We have eleven chickens. Five of them are from our first batch of chickens that we got as chicks three years ago. There were twelve of them. Two are from two years ago and the last four are from last year. Our five old chickens are super friendly. They all have names too. So I thought I'd introduce them to you. 

Rosie, a Buff Orpington, is one of our sweetest chickens. 

Blueberry, an Araucana, is our other very sweet chicken. When she was a baby she had a little blue spot on her head and that's how she got her name.

Peppy la Peep, a Golden Sex Link is Rosie's best friend. Both of them are always getting out of the chicken yard and going on walks together. 

Penelope, a Buff Orpington, is our hen that is always going broody. 

Missy, a New Hampshire Red, is the chicken that I named. She was an adorable chick, it looked like she had dandelion dust on her head. 

Those five birds we spent a lot of time holding, petting, and just spending time with. Our other ones we didn't spend as much time with and they aren't as special, but I'll show you them any way. 

This is Fluffy and Nutmeg. They are both Ameraucanas. 

Lastly we have Pepper, Speedy Gonzoles, Molly, and Galadriel. Unfortunately they all look pretty much the same and I can't tell them apart. Two are Black Sex Links and the other two are Australorps. 

My favorite chick was Lily, an Araucana. She was from the original twelve and she was my chicken. She always got out of the chicken yard too, and whenever she saw me coming she would come running super fast right at me. So I would kneel down and open my arms and it looked like she was running into my arms. : ) 

                                                                      Me and Lily

So I hope you enjoyed getting to "meet" our flock. 


  1. Awww...those are adorable! I know right? Who knew that chickens could be so friendly? Our chickens run/fly at us the minute they spot us and they won't leave our side until we give them something to eat! :P

    Missy looks a lot like the chickens we have :) I was wondering, is it hard to have chickens that aren't the same breed? Like, can you keep them in the same coop and they won't fight?

    Love that last picture ;)

    1. I know! I would of never guessed that chickens could be so friendly.
      Our chickens always come running when they see us just to see if we brought them a treat. :)
      That's great that your chickens are friendly too. How many do you have?
      We keep all of our chickens together and they are fine. So no, it's not very hard having different breeds.
      I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. : )

    2. We have eleven chickens. There used to be twelve but one died so yeah. . .

      Oh okay, nice to know! So there's no pecking order or anything between your hens then? We were hoping to get a couple different breeds, but Mom was afraid that the majority would "pick on" the minority, if that makes sense! ;) There's already a problem with just the one breed, we've got a bully that's for sure! :P

    3. It sounds like our chickens are pretty much like yours.
      There is a pecking order and we do have a bully, but for the most part they get along pretty well. =)